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Firelands Regional Medical Center RT 250 Professional Center

Sandusky, Ohio

Corporate Health, Home Health Services & Physical Therapy

This 15,000 SF building was previously the township service building for administrative, police and highway departments. The building sets on a prime piece of property that gets a lot of daily traffic exposure and easy access to highways. We designed exterior elevations to reflect the branding of our other FRMC projects with new EIFS system that added insulation to the existing block building and improved energy efficiency. The new elevation design enhanced the building’s appearance with brick, stone and block patterns. A new screen wall was added on the roof to conceal RTU’s and to give the building more height since it sets in a low spot. New green tinted glass, aluminum storefronts and sunshades were added to improve the energy efficiency of the office building. The existing interior walls were demolished with the exception of load-bearing masonry walls. An entirely new interior was designed into three suites consisting of Home Health Services suite, Corporate Health offices & exam rooms, and Physical Therapy suite. A 3,000 SF unoccupied space remains for future growth or adding a tenant.

1,850 SF


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