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OVH Call Lights & Tub Room Renovations

Sandusky, Ohio

Ohio Veterans Home

DVS 190005 Call Lights & Tub Room Renovations

SCOPE: Senior Project Management and Design Lead. PSDG has put together a dynamic team consisting of MEP Engineers, EDGE Certified consultants and others who are experts in their field. The Ohio Veterans Home proposed many upgrades to their Sandusky Facility which included, but not limited to:

1. Call light upgrades to Sherman Unit in Vets Hall;

2. Removing carpeted walls in corridors of Giffin & Vets Hall to be replaced with sanitary finishes.

3. Complete renovation of tub rooms in Giffin, Secrest and Vets Hall to create a “spa” atmosphere with new finishes, sound system, radiant heaters, new cabinetry, and new accessories.

4. Chapel Lounge renovations.

5. Replace moveable partition wall panel in Vets Hall with sanitary & cleanable finish.

Bi-weekly meetings are being held by the design team to prepare budgetary estimates, review products and set-up mockups, review products with staff and review energy efficient green building practices.



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